Tennis (Winter–Spring)

Experienced and first-time players learn the best ways to sharpen their skills on the court.

What will I learn in this class?

Basic Beginners
New tennis players cover the fundamentals, including groundstrokes, net play and serves. Lessons involve high-energy and entertaining drills and volleys.

Advanced Beginners
Players with basic court experience increase their skills through repeated practice. Lessons focus on net play and doubles strategies to introduce more complexity to players’ skill sets.

Players take the next step in their game through more difficult drills and competitive play to reinforce complex footwork, stroke production, patterns of play and court positioning.

Open to all levels, this session is an opportunity to hone your serve—without the fear of missing the target. Since practice makes perfect, take the chance to work on those aces.

What are the benefits of this class?
Students of all levels will improve their tennis skills. In addition to preparing players for friendly or serious competitions, classes double as full-body workouts that increase stamina, flexibility and concentration.

Who will teach this class?
Filip Koziell is a former Purdue University NCAA Division I athlete who competed in his first international tennis tournament at just 14 years old. An instructor with the Krissman International Tennis School, which has been providing lessons at the Club since 1999, the Canadian has experience teaching students of all levels.


  • Jan 10–Jun 5 (17 classes; no classes: Feb 14, Mar 20, Mar 27, Apr 3, May 1)
  • Wed | 9–10:30am (intermediate) | ¥70,125
  • Wed | 10:30am–12pm (advanced beginner) | ¥70,125
  • Wed | 12–1pm (basic beginner) | ¥56,100


  • Jan 12–Jun 7 (17 classes, no class: Mar 22, Mar 29, Apr 5, May 3 optional class: Feb 16)
  • Fri | 8:30–10am (intermediate) | ¥70,125
  • Fri | 10–10:30am (serving) | ¥28,050
  • Fri | 11:30am–1pm (advanced beginner) | ¥70,125


  • Sign up from Dec 20 (12pm)


  • Demo rackets available on request


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