Strong Nation

Sync your workout to the beat, not the reps.

What will I learn in this class?
No more counting reps with this session of music-focused high-intensity interval training (HIIT). With up-tempo sounds adjusted to each exercise, the class combines body-weight routines and muscle-strengthening movements with cardio and plyometrics—exercises of swift, forceful movements. Burn calories, tone your body and push past your limits. Suitable for all fitness levels.

What are the benefits of this class?
Each session of this high-energy, all-body workout promises to burn calories while toning the arms, legs, abs and glutes. Students will also see their overall fitness levels improve over time.

Who will teach this class?
Tokai University graduate Yuka Koizumi (pictured) is a certified POP Pilates instructor who specializes in creating dynamic trampoline cardio workouts, HIIT sessions and stretching classes. She also teaches Bootcamp at the Club.


  • Tue: 7–8am (from Sep 5)
  • The Studio
  • Free
  • Members only
  • Ages 16 & above


Booking a Class

  • Reserve from one week in advance.
  • Reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 03-4588-0681
  • Courtesy: Members are asked to arrive before the start of the class.


  • To cancel a booking, Members must contact the Recreation Desk at least 24 hours before the class.
  • Members who fail to cancel at least 24 hours before their class will be charged ¥1,320.
  • No-shows will be charged ¥1,320.